The impact of supporting others

B.OKideas was established after the founder, Kietah Martens-Shaw personally experienced tough times and recognised the need for a long-term support method that can be sent to anyone from anywhere.  With a core purpose to help others, B.OKideas partnered with Waves of Wellness Foundation (WOW); a program based support system that provides individuals access to a mental health support in a non-clinical environment through surf therapy.

“We love the idea that every time someone purchases from B.OK they are supporting more than just the recipient.”

Over the last 3 months B.OKideas has raised over $600 through community events and 10% of proceeds.

To keep things exciting we wanted to put a unique spin on the way we presented this money to Joel (Founder of WOW) and for those of you who missed the Live stream on Instagram, here is a video snap shot.

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This video shows the unique way we decided to share with Joel the money we raised; our own version of the B.OK Advent Envelopes, with the questions and quotes inside a balloon (instead of the envelopes for Joel to pop and answer.

  • Appreciate – What are the 2 things from Autumn you are most appreciative of?
  • Bravery – Be brave and tell us a secret not many people know about you? (Joel may be singing in this video)
  • Creative – we asked joel to make something from pipe cleaners, sticky tape and buttons in 30 seconds (10/10 on what he pulled together).
  • Deserving – share with us your hidden self-care method? (Joel shares with his fellow fellas what true men do)
  • Encouragement & Fulfilment – at the end of his challenge we blind folded Joel and lead him to a piñata full of the money that B.OKideas raised over Autumn.

When you purchase a B.OK box your are supporting more than just the recipient and we want to show you the impact this has made. After collecting feedback and strengthen our B.OK community we want to thank you all for being a part of it.

A special mention to the B.OK partners who made this possible: Lush Cosmetics, Power Living Yoga, Urban Spa Australia, New Directions Packaging, Byron Bay Tea Company, Seaweed & Sand Homewares, Winning Appliances and Plus 5 Printing.

<strong style=”color:#bcbaba”>Support today</strong>: To find out more how you can support someone going through a tough time – click here.

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