The Founder

My name is Kietah Martens-Shaw and I am the CEO & Founder of B.OKideas. Thank you for taking the time to read and visit the B.OKideas platform, it has been created just for you! To help you find a unique gift and inspiration to help others to take charge of their wellbeing, the fun way. 

I was inspired to start B.OK after having multiple surgeries and health complications between the age of 22 & 26 and seeing that those around me found it hard to know what to say, what to do or what would help. I would often receive flowers, chocolates and other thoughtful gifts but felt a very temporary comfort. Following my first surgery I was in hospital with kidney problems and soon after facing my second cervical cancer surgery in 2017. It was here I began to question my life, purpose and lost the will to continue.

I considered myself a strong, independent young woman but my strength and determination to continue was being tested…