2 Month Wellbeing Box


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Each B.OK box is hand packed with a guided envelope pack + relaxation and support gifts. The recipient will open weekly surprise envelopes over a 2 month period put together by experts in the fields of positive change, meditation, mental health, happiness, sleep and gut health. Plus complimenting and practical gifts in each envelope to help the recipient put this into action.

Any orders placed during December 2020 and January 2021 will be fulfilled on February 1st, 2021.



  • Tropical Coconut Candle
  • Fun socks
  • Stress Ball
  • Body Art, positive tattoo
  • Plus 2 x self-care surprise gifts

PLUS over the next 63 days the recipient is guided through the below wellbeing concepts and techniques from experts in their field:

  • Meditation - from Awakened Mind
  • Breathing and being still
  • Practicing positive change - by Clare Babbage Quartz Consulting
  • Learning about mood food and tracking gut health - from Vitamin C Health
  • Tips for a healthy sleep routine - by Dr. Mark Levi 
  • How to implement healthy habits - by Dr. Tim Sharp (Dr. Happy) from the Happiness Institute

Our surprise weekly envelopes are bundled inside the box ready for you to begin day 1. The recipient will be guided over 2 months through helpful wellbeing pillars and advice from experts in the fields of positive change, meditation, mental health, happiness, sleep and gut health. To help you put this into action each expert has included a gift inside each envelope to help the recipient practice and implement for 90 days and beyond.

B.OKideas would like to let you know:

  • The Ultimate Giftbox envelope journey is an extension of The Starter Giftbox, the first month of support is the same for both offerings.
  • Specific gifts and information is not disclosed in order to keep the weekly envelopes and B.OK journey a surprise for each recipient.
  • Please contact us today if you wish to find out more about the specifics or to customise your B.OK Box.
  • Digital Guidance: Each recipient can opt-into digital support with friendly reminders to open the envelopes. Plus they will receive support material, articles and activities to compliment the wellbeing topic of the week.

I received a B.OK Box from my girlfriends back home and it felt like a hug in a box with so much love and thought. I loved the personalised letter they all wrote to me, it completed the box perfectly. I was so impressed by the idea of having a new gift to open every week, I look forward to opening them every week.

Justine, Canada


My best friend sent me a B.OK box all the way to me in the USA and it is such a perfect gift. I have it on display on my mantel and have told so many friends about it. The contents are clear, so well thought out and put together. The essential oil is my favorite and the little envelopes really help and inspire me on a daily basis.
Thank you for creating such a beautiful concept and I hope everyone, having a hard time or not, can experience the wonderful gift of receiving a box xx

Tamara, USA


The B.OK Box for Women is the perfect way to show a friend or relative your support. The box consisted of several letters encouraging positive thinking and mindfulness, as well as other products like a Lush bath bomb, soaking epsom salts and essential oil to inspire wellness and balance. This is the gift that keeps on giving and a really nice way to show someone important to you that they are loved and supported.

Anese, Australia