The ultimate mindset and productivity hack

We are in very uncertain times. With people out of work, businesses closing, and many of us being quarantined/isolated in our homes, it’s a really difficult time to find self-motivation for even the most basic of day to day tasks.

This tip is an absolute game changer for those who struggle with procrastination or making excuses not to do things you know you should (and deep down want to) do.

I have this rule I use when I need to combat my procrastination/laziness. Some days it’s really hard to get out of bed for that morning walk, choose to cook a healthy option instead of getting takeaway, or push through a workout when I’m feeling blahhh and would rather be on the couch. Especially now with all the stress and uncertainty overwhelming us day to day.

In these situations,

I simply implement my “5 minutes forward” rule.

It’s so easy to talk myself out of action and go for the lazy/easy option, so to decipher between what I know I deep down WANT to do (but just aren’t feeling like it), and what I really can go without, I haul myself forward as if I’m going to do that thing, for just 5 minutes. If I still don’t want to do it after that, I don’t, and I make the conscious decision to leave it behind with no bad feels.


Instead of hitting the snooze button and staying in bed all morning, I get myself up asap and start going about my day, and if after 5 minutes I really want to crawl back into bed, I allow myself to. But 99% of the time once I’m up, I’m ready to rock.

Same goes with training – I start to put my workout clothes on, and go about my morning moving forward towards a home training session. Once I’m out of my PJ’s and into my cute activewear I’m feeling wayyy more motivated to plan a session and get it done!

If I start my workout and I’m still not feeling it…

I just stretch and do some foam rolling and mobility, or go out for a walk, and that tends to get me moving in some way – but usually after a few minutes of activity, I can smash out a quick home workout and feel so much better!


If I want to eat fast food instead of something nutritious…

5 mins of healthy food prep before I make my decision, and I can eat it tomorrow if I still want to get Uber eats, but 5 minutes in I’ve usually got something cooking or at least half-prepped, which ends up being the easiest and fastest option after all!

All it takes is 5 minutes forward in the right direction, and almost every time, you’ll overhaul any excuses – less thinking, more doing, just 5 minutes at a time!


Sami Rose @samirosefitness

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