10 Motivation tips for exercising

Struggling to self-motivate with exercise lately?

Staying motivated with exercise can be a battle at the best of times. In the midst of a global pandemic, with gym closures, and most of us quarantined in our homes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the motivation and mental energy to get in a home workout, especially if you have little to no equipment.

If you’re struggling with creating a workout routine now that your gym is closed, or just finding it really hard to get yourself moving, try these simple tips!

10 ways to get your training mojo back!

1) Recruit a workout buddy.

Even with social distancing, you don’t have to train alone! If you’re still allowed to (depending on your country/state’s guidelines) – train together with a friend in the park, with the appropriate amount of space between you for safety. Just knowing someone is there is a great motivator! If this isn’t an option, try facetime! Pop on a YouTube workout, and facetime a friend to complete it together!


2 – Set yourself a goal.

Whether its getting stronger, becoming fitter, or increasing your endurance, it can all be done without a gym! Have a think about something you want to improve on, and it’ll help you stay focused and motivated.

3 – Pump some feel-good tunes!

A good playlist is essential to those good vibes!


4 – Focus on your WHY.

Think about your long term goals and why your health & fitness should be a priority.


5) Change it up!

A stale workout you’ve done 20 times isn’t exciting, search some IG pages for inspiration to try something new!

6) Switch locations for some fresh scenery.

If you’re finding it hard to self-motivate in your living room, is there somewhere outdoors like a balcony/backyard that you can utilise to get some fresh air?

7) Have a plan.

Aiming for ‘x’ amount of workouts per week can be helpful to provide a routine in an overwhelming time period. Setting out what you want to tick off for the week can be a great motivator to get you active more regularly.

8 – Put on a cute outfit!

If you’ve been living in sweatpants, not leaving the house, try popping on some cute activewear to feel more “normal” and less home bound!


9 – Have a pre workout snack!

Sometimes a lack of mojo is due to being low in energy, so something like a banana or some rice cakes can be a great little pick-me-up.

10 – Do what brings you joy!

Especially in stressful times, pressuring yourself to do an activity you don’t enjoy can be super de-motivating. Not loving circuits at home? Try running, YouTube Yoga workouts, online Zumba classes, or even something silly and fun like learning TikTok dances!

Even if it’s as simple as going for a walk outside – whatever gets you active is always a good thing!



Sami Rose @samirosefitness


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