I personally experience heightened anxiety so you can only imagine how I am feeling during all of this and I know my fellow anxiety buddies know what I am talking about… From people who have experienced anxiety there whole lives, to those who are starting to feel it now with the current Coronavirus crisis I am sure you will be able to relate with some of my current worries and thoughts…

They go a little something like this:

  1. Feeling helpless as the situation worsens
  2. Paranoia of whether I or anyone around me has the virus
  3. Heightened awareness when I cough, sniffle or feeling tired – what does this mean?
  4. As a small business owner how will this affect me
  5. I have stopped going to the gym and outside as much which I know will have a huge impact on my mental health – will this make me more susceptible to a depressive state or feeling sad
  6. Now I am not going to the gym, am I going to put on weight or be unhealthy
  7. I have reduced the social interactions and gatherings, most recently my birthday activities – I know this will have an effect of my mental state


As someone who is well versed in the realm of anxiety and over analysing I have been working on ways to stay positive in times like this.

Here are 15 positive approaches to adapt to our current situation and ease anxiety: 


1. Socialise in other ways

Whatsapp, Facebook – Video call is something I am doing more than ever with people (even those who live down the road).

2. Alternative Physical Activity

While you are releasing a little of your social juices on a video call, take a walk around the block (for those who can), or inside on the treadmill, stretch or yoga in front of the TV.

3. Take the opportunity to watch your favourite movies

start watching a movie at the same time as a friend or family member – watch it together virtually.

4. Stock up on books

What have you always wanted to read but you ‘never had time for it’. Be a real baller and make your own in-home library

5. Join online communities

Like the B.OK Buddy Community where you can stay connected, talk about positive things, help others and feel supported.

6. Learn a new hobby

I have literally just bought a Macrame set to learn how to do the classic art of knot tying.

7. Become an expert napper

I love my naps but sometimes I feel guilty napping all the time, but I now think it is my time to shine 💤

8. Soak up the sun rays

Wherever you are; on your balcony, in the window, in your backyard, in the park try to get some vitamin D on your skin once a day. Watch the cycle of sun around you and learn the best time to lie down in what areas of the house.

9. Learn more about your wellbeing

Research about ways to improve your wellbeing – start with this article here all about gut health

10. Cold Showers

When you are feeling a little anxious or agitated have a cold shower – does wonders for me.

11. Sleep Routine

Start working on a good sleep routine now so that when things start to get busy again or ‘normal’ you have good foundations in place. I love a hot shower and read before bed.

12. Learn to cook something new

Grab what you can in the supermarket (lucky we don’t eat toilet paper) and be playful with your meals. Grab a glass of your favourite beverage and experiment in the kitchen. Or if you are like me, use the time to just learn how to cook full-stop😉

13. Quality Time

Take the opportunity to have quality time with those you live with or have conversations with people you wouldn’t normally have. Moments like this will always bring people together, let it happen.

14. Games

I love a good game of cards and encourage those who can to grab a board game or learn a new card game to have a laugh, forget what is happening around us for a while and enjoy the company of those you are with.

15. Professional help

For those looking for more specific mental health support and want to learn more about why you are feeling the way you are and techniques to work through things, here is a blog with simple steps for seeking extra support.

It is times like these that we would love to look back on and make sure we made the most of the opportunity to do less, recharge and learn something new about yourself.

Good things do come from challenges and changes, and in time you will be able to reflect and see the things you have learnt, people you were able to help and the valuable life lessons you have gained.

I know I am among many who feel the same way after hearing stories of weddings being postponed, VISA’S being denied, travel plans changing, job insecurity and more. We are really in a state of limbo and very uncertain territory.

I urge you to please pass this blog onto any friends, family and colleagues who you think might value this blog to learn something new, pass onto others or just know they are not alone.

Always here,

Kietah Martens-Shaw

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