An Unexpected Truth: How Discovering the Stage Helped Cure My Shyness

Those who know me might be surprised to find out that I used to be pretty shy, and even still today I have my timid moments, I am definitely an extroverted introvert! What you may find strange though is that the thing that helped me come out of my shell was discovering the stage. Or perhaps more accurately, acting!

At school I realised that the many seemingly super confident people at my school, those who I was intimidated by, started to crumble when it came to acting classes. Maybe because many of the activities were designed to really push you out of your comfort zone, actively encouraging you to be silly, act like a kid again and play make-believe. Maybe they felt that pretending to embody the colour yellow or transform into a dog and run around the room might ruin their street-cred?

Whatever the reason, I realised that this was a safe space for me, a place where I could thrive and become whomever I wanted to be, exploring different characters and emotions. I found a world where I really felt I belonged, and where any barriers of age, race, creed, status etc. fell away in pursuit of a joint love for playing in and discovering this art form. Through this medium I found I could connect with many people from all walks of life, whom in normal circumstances I may never come into contact with.

Understanding My Emotions

It also helped me explore many of the more difficult emotions we as humans experience, through being able to feel it in the form of different characters. I find acting and watching theatre can be highly cathartic, as well as entertaining. I found that coming at things through a different lens often helped me understand feelings and situations from alternate perspectives, and actually helped to heal some of my own wounds.

A New Community

Another huge draw for me was the immense sense of community I felt, and the strong bonds formed when acting together within a group. Moving to a new country like I did, coming from the UK to Sydney can be scary and lonely if you struggle to find your place and make friends. For me, having a love for acting and drama means I always seek out a similar tribe through various groups/courses available and find not only a place where I can exercise and keep watering my love and passion, but also a space where a great community is formed, and many friendships are built.

Acting is certainly not for everyone, but there are so many amazing art forms out there to explore, if only to push you into doing something new and encourage you out of your comfort zone! Maybe you’ll even find an unexpected new hobby or passion project.

If acting/drama is your jam though, I’ve popped some links below of some fantastic course and communities you might like to check out:



Seventy Five Percent Old School

Darlo Drama

Arts Theatre Cronulla

By Katy Rachel Moore

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