B.OKideas helps individuals and businesses with unique and practical ways to take charge of their wellbeing and mental health. We have refined the gifting process to ensure the recipients wellbeing is number one. We have partnered with wellbeing experts to create a hands on experience to promote active learning the fun way.


We call Sydney home but a community and support team that spreads the word of wellness world wide. We are the most trusted wellbeing provider because we are real people with real experiences created real impact in communities and workplaces.

The Founder, Kietah Martens-Shaw started this journey with a wish to surround herself with a diverse team of people who have big hearts and are working hard to make a positive change.



The B.OK Box experience includes wellbeing gifts and an envelope pack to guide the recipient over a 1 or 2 month period. Each envelope covers a new wellbeing topic by an expert in the field and includes a gift to help you practise and implement e.g. meditation, gut health, sleep and more.


A hub of resources that we have created to ensure everyone has access to the latest information around wellbeing and mental health. Check out our blogs here and read articles from experts in the fields of culinary, anxiety, exercise, mental health, motivation, habits, meditation, nutrition and more.

We have an impressive group of wellbeing experts who speak for us, partner with us to create content and support our mission. This among many other reasons is why we are the most trusted wellbeing provider for gifting & events for so many individuals and businesses around the world.