A date with me, myself and I

The Best Type of Dating
We always hear the term “self-care”, but how many of us actually take time to do it?
To practice self-care is to engage in practises that have a positive affect on how we perceive ourselves and gives us confidence with our day to day. Building a positive mindset through self-care reduces stress, helps us to achieve and maintain a work/life balance, and helps preserve relationships. It is the crucial link between our mental and physical wellbeing.
Every time we practice self-care we are thanking our body and mind by rewarding a period of disconnection, time to recharge and a moment for strengthen and reflection.
There are many ways to have these times, my personal favourite; A solo date!
Uninterrupted time that I allocate for just me, myself and I.  A chance to focus on what is important to me and my wellbeing.
Thanks to Byron Bay Tea Company, this week on my B.OK Journey I have allocated my solo date.
I’m taking some time to flick through old magazines in my favourite chair (the technology-free chair), whilst burning my tropical candle from the B.OK Candle Collection and sipping on @byronbayteacompany Calming Tea.
I have allowed enough time to start and finish my solo date with a few minutes of breathing excises to practise my mindfulness and meditation.
And if that is not your style, I thought I would share some other ideas and inspiration for you to try on your own:
  • Going for a walk
  • Grabbing a coffee or meal at a cafe and listening to the noises and things around you – being completely present in the moment
  • Spending time with a animal or pet (in my case, the resident magpie family that have become like pets to me)
  • Colouring in whilst watching my favourite Youtubers
  • Having a hot bath and playing your favourite music
  • Reading a book to relax and disconnect the mind
  • Getting creative in the kitchen and making a new dish for dinner or dessert.
I could go on for days, the ideas are endless but the important thing to remember is that not every idea will suit the one person or suit you every time.  Try different things each time you have 10/20/30 minutes to yourself and feel how your body responds. It’s important to find something that you love, and that will help you work towards your wellbeing goals – with no judgement or comparison to others. And if it doesn’t work, try again, because each time your body will thank you that you are taking the time for to reconnect the mind and body.
Share with us today on our B.OK Buddy Community Platform on Facebook what your favourite thing to do on a solo date is? What would you want to share with others?

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